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Certified Car Care® Warranties


A dealer certified Pre-owned Vehicle Warranty Program

Why - A valuable addition to any dealership operation.
  Factory programs are expensive; you can sell both
  Customers like buying certified reconditioned cars backed by the Factory and/or your dealership.
  Front end grosses and service grosses are higher.
  Certified Vehicles sell faster.

A structured reconditioning procedure improves the value of all pre-owned vehicles, in the eyes of both the sales staff and their prospects.

A trained sales staff will be adding value. They are more than just a used cars with warranties.

Call us to find out more about how this warranty program would be a valuable addition to your dealership operation.

Call 800-428-2350, ask for Dennis



Selling Dealer Certified Vehicles
Dealer Certification Procedure

Qualified vehicle for Certification
  9 years old or newer, under 125,000 miles
  Complete recondition - 32 major areas
  Warranties from 6 months/6,000 miles drive Train Up to 12 months/12,000 miles full coverage

Warranty Reserve Pack
  $125 up to $300 depending on term of warranty and class of vehicle. Average $225
  For more information on claims and reserve accounts, see: Management Reports

Sales Promotion
  Inspection and Reconditioning report in glove box
  Inspection seal on vehicle window
  Buyer's Guide shows Certification Warranty and indicates "Certified" vehicles

Sales Procedures
  Sales presentation to include why certified vehicles have more value (Reconditioning and Inspection), and why they have a longer warranty value

  8 years claims experience on dealer certified warranties
  Know your costs goingin. Realize how expensive Factory Certified programs are
  Dealer Warranty operating statement. See: Management Reports





Our plan is pretty simple.  Each vehicle that will carry a dealer warranty must be reconditioned and carry a mutually agreed pack price.  Any profits after claims expense and administration charge is returned to the dealer on a quarterly basis.

Operating statements from this small dealer group of seven dealers, the past six years, ending 12/31/2010.


Deal cost (pack)             $1,445,395;                    Warranty Per Vehicle      $237
                                                                                    80% 12/12 
Claims                            $   518,000;                    Per Vehicle                    $108
Net Pack Profit               $   618,502;                    Returned to Dealer         $101

Small Group Full Year 12/31/2010


Dealer Cost Pact Amount   $   250,095;              Per Warranty         $264

Claims                               $   102,395;              Per Claim               $108

Administration                   $     47,796;              Administration        $  50
Returned to Dealer            $   100,726;                                            $106


These dealers were able to put  warranty (a big percentage of these were “Certified”) on each vehicle for a net cost of $158.  Improve gross = happy customers.

The relationship between customer, you service department and Certified Car Care is something we work o everyday.  It has to do with your customer and what he expects.  We both hope he never has a problem; but, stuff happens and he brings his car into your dealership or he calls us wanting to know what to do.  Ninety percent of the time, you people call us and together we get it fixed or he may call us first.  Right here we will agree that making him happy is what we both want to do.  When your customer calls us it is for many different reasons.  We try our best to help get this vehicle repaired.  We like to think that everyone of our customers has been helped like Mr. Drew Simpson who called our office about a problem he was having.

There is no substitute for experience and we have 16 plus years with proven programs for your consideration now or in the future.

Dennis Gregory, CEO                 Neil Aase, President



Client Testimonial

I’m a firm believer that one should give credit where credit is due. 

Recently I had some fairly significant automotive problems that were imposing a heavy financial burden on me.  The first part was listed under “normal maintenance/wear-and-tear” so unfortunately the warranty did not cover that.  I was struggling making the decision on what to do, and the most help that I found was from your staff while on a call inquiring about my warranty.  I was given excellent advice and the sincerity and honesty of those that helped was very unexpected.  It is not very typical anymore to find such excellent customer support.

Using the advice from your staff, I was able to find the part and have it installed at a third of the price that I was initially quoted.  What a relief!  Unfortunately, when I picked the vehicle up after the repair, another component began to fail.  Yet again, your staff at Certified Car Care devoted their time and effort to ensure that my mechanic knew your policies and guaranteed that I would get the best service possible.  Not once did I call and receive a bad attitude or poor advice.

A huge thanks goes out to Kyle, and everyone else on your team.  I’m not very pleased with the car I purchased, but I can say with 100% certainty that I’m thrilled that I purchased the warranty through Certified Car Care.


Drew Simpson

City of Aspen | Planner

Community Development Department


Service & Certifications Report

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