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Top Four Dealer Owned Reinsurance Corp Groups

We have been serving automobile dealers and their customer in Indiana and Illinois for a long time. 

You may know of us, but know little about the type of program we provide our dealers. 

We are not big by dealer numbers, but big on results.  We started our current program in 1994. 

The following financial information for 1 year and 6 years is the combined results from our 4 largest PORC’s.


Corporate Structure

-Producer Owned Reinsurance Company PORC, with yearly dealer contract reserve under $1,200,000 taxed on investment income only.

Tax returns by KPMG. Requires $5,000 capital to start. One to ten investors. or Escrow - ours with or without insurance - Indiana.


Dealers group for full year 2010 net profit.................... $2,181,362

5345 contracts $680 per contract income (reserve) claims, $340 net profit per contract $405.


Dividends paid to Dealers past 6 years.................... $6,734,863 per contract – 190

Dividends (based on earned reserve) can be paid yearly, or left to accumulate. 

Dealer’s claims reserve is dealer contract cost less claims paid. 

Loss ratio 50%


Investment income year 2010.................... $759,506 per contract – 14


Dealers claims reserve/Regions Bank as of 12/31/2010.................... $18,720,102

Dealer’s claims reserve equals dealer contract cost less claims paid. 

Our dealers on average will recover about 40% of this reserve as net profit. 

Our program objective for claims expense is 65% claims, 35% profit. 

If, at any time, claims start tracking higher than this number – it gets our attention.


Dealers claims paid 2010.................... $1,658,409 per contract – 320

There are three key players in this effort to control claims – the dealer, the customer and thirdly, us. 

Dealer wants to make a profit in this new company but he also wants happy customer. 

Our priority is to keep them both happy. 

We are able to do that with the right dealer reserve that dealer can sell to make front end profit, the right coverages to keep customers happy.


Dealer’s claims paid past 6 years.................... $11,436,876 per contract – 319

This information from Dealer Operating Statements 12/31/2010.


Dealer’s net income after all charges past six years.................... $12,839,405 per contract – 359


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We’re local.  Our dealers make good profits.
Their customers like our service. 


Serving Indiana, Illinois, and contiguous states.
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